Fly Tying Kit - Mayfly adult, sz. 16

by: J:son Sweden | Item#: OF-902282-0000
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J:son Sweden Fly Tying Kit - Mayfly adult, sz. 16
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This adult Mayfly tying kit from the world famous producer of realistic flies makes it easier to tie your own J:son flies! The kit includes the same J:son tools, materials and hooks used for J:son production to make 2 dozen dun or spent wing Mayfly flies in J:son's 3/Small size (size 16 hook). (See Other Details for more info.) Tying instructions and tying guides and tying videos are available at the J:son Sweden web site.

Other Details

Kit for tying 24 J:son Mayfly Duns or Spents 3, size approx 15 mm = 5/8 in. Includes: J:son body pin size small, J:son mayfly colored foam (3 pcs), ;J:son realistic wing burner M3, ;J:son realistic wing material M3, J:son colored wing material, J:son SS.DF hooks (24 pcs #16), plus a sample finished fly.Does not include vise or other basic fly tying tools, thread or common tying materials.


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