4" Standard Scissors

by: Just Simply Tools | Item#: OF-900290-0000
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Surgical quality stainless, larger loops and the lowest cost you'll find anywhere.


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Borrowed, I admit; didn't purchase

Reviewer: from Pennsylvania

First, let me be very transparent - I borrowed these, and didn't purchase them. Now that that's out of the way, I have some pros and cons. For wire, these are stellar. Pretty nice for hair as well. They have their use for thicker materials. In my personal opinion, however, they aren't meant for a general use scissor; they aren't fine-tipped enough, and don't close as crisply / tightly enough. The sharpness, honestly it is nothing to write home about, and I actually had nanothread run BETWEEN the blades (there was that much of a gap), but for bass bugs or the likes tied with mega-denier (my verbiage... high denier, i mean) threads, you should be ok. Frankly, if you're really - i mean REALLY - tight on cash, these will get the job done (barely), but if you have any more pennies, get the next step up. Yeah, other scissors cost more, but for "general purpose" or "standard" scissors, I personally would get the next step up. Again, these are "ok" if making do, but they aren't that comfy in the hand, and aren't for anything smaller than a size 8 (?) I'd say, assuming you proportion the thread accordingly. Just my 2 cents worth, your results may vary. I've heard some guys who love these, but then, I've seen their flies... very buggy, I'll leave it at that...

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