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by: Just Simply Tools | Item#: OF-900660-0000
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For the occasional tyer, this vise offers a simple, low-cost alternative. It features a black no-glare finish, fixed angle and a cam lever to close the jaws, which can be used to tie midge flies to size 28.

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Gettin a grip

Reviewer: from Auburn, GA US

I bought three of these vises for some tying classes Im going to teach.The price is about to hard to belive.My first look at them in the box was hey this dosent look to bad.After setting one up and tying a few flies I said hey dosent look to bad.Hey this is a great vise for the person just wanting to see if they might want to take this hobby a little further.No is not a rotory but hey it is $6.95 and is well built.Great starter vise. Catch ya later

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Beginners only.

Reviewer: from Corvallis, OR US

This is an excellent first vise for the beginner to fly tying. It certainly gets the job done, and alleviates a big portion of the beginning cost for getting started in the hobby. After a while, though, you will definatly want to upgrade to a more adjustable, more feature-filled vise.

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Good starter vice

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

I just ordered another one of these for teaching. A good basic vice for those just getting started. Hard to believe the price!

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Good price for a beginner vice

Reviewer: from Fulton, MO US

I used these for a fly tying class with children ages 10-13. The vice was somewhat cumbersome to use. The most difficulty the children had was getting everything tightened down well. The only design flaw I noticed was that the post rocks back and forth as you tie. It doesn't get supported enough to keep steady. It served its purpose, and didn't get in the way of us tying lots of flies, though. I would buy them again.

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Not bad

Reviewer: from Midland, TX US

I just started tying and this vise works, does it rotate? no, does it have a nice base? no but what it is is one of the best starter vises I have come across for an amazing price. I highly recommend this vice for any beginner.

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