Master Tyer Vise _D_

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This vise features full 360 degree rotation for winding and viewing the fly from every angle. The angle of the head can also be adjusted and an allen head wrench is included to tighten the pivot hinge. This vise comes in a chrome finish with brass head casing and fittings. Tapered hardened steel jaws handle a full range of hooks.

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My first vise

Reviewer: from Ann Arbor, MI US

This was my first vise and I had it set-up with a hook ready to tie within 10 minutes of opening the package. I've found it easy to use and it has held hooks securely. My only caution is to watch the small brass screw covers on the lever (or whatever it is called). They come loose and I almost lost one. Now I just tighten them when I take it out of the box and before taking it down.

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Modest vise

Reviewer: from Williamsburg, VA US

I tye Jigs. Big Narly things to alot fly people. I actually use up to 9/0 jigs. Well I was hoping to get something that clould do a 5/0 and just use a bench vise for the rest. Well when I recived the vise the jaws looked to be wide open and look huge. So I picked up a 9/0 and it slid in easily flipped the tension lever and I actually had to tighten it up. A very nice and simple tool. The actual model is a Terra 8101 Master Vise. The service here was outstanding I will be back. Oh this year I intend to pick up my fly rod and relearn.

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The Deluxe Master Vise

Reviewer: from Buffalo, NY US

I recently purchased the master vise to replace my old vise (which finally bit the dust). The quality of this vise for the price is unbelievable. It will hold almost any size hook firmly and with the horizontal jaw the vise's rotation of the fly is perfect. Don't know how I lived without it! Once again you folks have provided a premium product for an affordable price.

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You Get What You Pay For

Reviewer: from Laramie, Wy

Not too impressed with the vise. Holds hooks very well and seems sturdy until you try to uses the rotary feature. It's loose and gritty, the fly wobbles all around so its useless when trying to use it to wrap chenille or wire. It's nice being able to see all sides of the fly but the tolerances are just too loose to be able to really take advantage of the rotary function. Not a big deal to me, but my vise was not nickel like shown but rather black. again not a big deal but I do prefer the looks of the nickel. It was only $20 so I guess I can't complain too much but my advice is to save up the extra $40 $50 and buy a better set up.

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Good for the price

Reviewer: from Maryland Suburbs

I bought 4 of these for Boy Scouts to use as part of their Fly Fishing Merit Badge. Each Scout will have to tie 2 of their own flies.

For this purpose, the vise will go to good use. Otherwise, this should be considered a cheap first (beginner's) vise that will get replaced at some point, as you can afford it or once you are committed to tying flies.

At this price this vice is worthy four 4 stars. It does have some features, like a rotary feature, that you may enjoy. Just keep in mind that at this price range, the vice will be somewhat klunky to use.

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