J2 430 Multi-Use Curved Hook

by: J. Stockard | Item#: HK-012430-0000
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J. Stockard J2 430 Multi-Use Curved Hook
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Our J2 Fly Hooks have the quality to meet the needs of serious fly tyers while offering great value. They have high grade carbon steel, chemically sharpened points and micro barbs for quick penetration and easy barb crushing. J2 430 Multi-Use Curved Hook Style: Straight eye, curved shank, 3X long. Uses: hoppers, terrestrials and nymphs. Similar to: Daiichi 1270 or Tiemco TMC 200R.


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Nice hooks!

Reviewer: from Manhattan, KS

You can tell these hooks are high quality steel! A pleasure to tie on at a great price. The hooks come packaged in a zipper bag that is easily detached from the "for show" packaging for easy storage and still retains the identifying info. The package also contains a magnet to keep your hooks from falling all over the place. The quality control also seems better than the previous house brand hooks. They don't seem quite as sharp as Daiichi hooks, but they are still plenty sharp.

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Very nice hooks

Reviewer: from Chicago, IL

I was tired of paying $6+ for a package of 25 hooks. Purchased the J. Stockard for my hoppers, stimulators and chernobyls. Have caught a lot of fish with no problems and get 50 hooks for the price of 25!

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Great value

Reviewer: from Minnesota

Very good hook for the money. I've been using these for hopper patterns and I think they are a great value. I've had no issues with fishing with them and have been pleasantly surprised by these hooks.

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Superb Hooks

Reviewer: from California

I use these for nearly every nymph and wetfly I tie. As others have said they are economical enough to stock a whole array of sizes. I don't want to ever run out. The gap profile is better than many other (for example "york bend" hooks) and easily yields positive hook-ups. The wire is flexible but firm and well tempered...although if I want to slightly change the gap I can do that too. As for sharpness, they go toe-to-toe with any other hook brand in my opinion. I also very much like the shank length, which lets me tie on one hook size smaller than I'd otherwise have to use, which tends to hide the hook a little better and avoid snags just a little better...and again the superior bend profile still does the fish-catching job. I find I very much like the #16 for most patterns, and big ones are even good small-streamer and small-bugger hooks due to the shank length. These hooks work for emergers, soft-hackle wets, nymphs...you name it. Never had one break (can't say that for most other brands). Superb hooks, superb value.

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