J2 225 2X Long Nymph Hook

by: J. Stockard | Item#: HK-012225-0000
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J. Stockard J2 225 2X Long Nymph Hook
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Our J2 Fly Hooks have the quality to meet the needs of serious fly tyers while offering great value. They have high grade carbon steel, chemically sharpened points and micro barbs for quick penetration and easy barb crushing. J2 225 2X-Long Nymph Hook Style: Down eye, 1X strong, 2X long, round bend. Uses: wet flies, streamers and nymphs. Similar to: Mustad 3906B, Daiichi 1280 or Tiemco TMC 5262.


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Great Hooks

Reviewer: from Upstate NY

I purchased these to tie up some hare's ear nymphs. I have not found any mgf issues with them, I have not broken any in the vise like I have in the past with some other brands. This is quickly becoming my go to hook.

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Middle of the road

Reviewer: from Minnesota

I would rate this on par with other discount brand hooks on the market. They are sharp but I've found them to be brittle. I've had a couple break in the vise. You get a lot for the money but don't expect the quality of the higher end hooks.

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Not Bad

Reviewer: from Simpsonville, SC

I bought the size 18 50 pack hooks because of the price. They worked pretty well, but one hook was slightly warped, making it unusable. For the price... not bad.

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good hook for the price

Reviewer: from new haven, ct,usa

Sharp hooks, but they bend easily.

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Excellent Hook

Reviewer: from St. Louis, MO

I have been looking for hooks to replace Dai-Riki and these are the best I have in terms of price and quality. I have not had any problems with malformed or brittle hooks (I used to get several with open eyes with Dai-Riki). I have only had one break but that is because my cat was chewing on it while it was still in the vice. I have never had problems with sharpness. I have bought them in sizes 10-18 and plan on using them as my regular nymph hook.

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