Jelly Fritz

by: Frozen North FF | Item#: SM-750510-0000
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Frozen North FF Jelly Fritz
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atomic yellow $5.55
biscuit $5.55
black jack $5.55
coral $5.55
flesh $5.55
fl. milk $5.55
golden olive $5.55
hulk $5.55
magma $5.55
marshmallow pink $5.55
orange sunburst $5.55
pale olive $5.55
pellet $5.55
prawn $5.55
rutland red $5.55
safety orange $5.55
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From the developer of the original Jelly, here is an upgraded material with more movement, twice as bright UV fluorescence, softer feel, brighter visible spectrum colors, and more translucency. This is the best material for tying blob flies, a must-have material for tying stillwater fly patterns. It works like a synthetic hackle and a long fiber chenille. You can wrap it nice and tight for a blob fly, booby fly, use it as a hackle on a small bugger, underbody on a larger bugger, a stack chenille for holding up a collar on an intruder, and the list just goes on.

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