Plush Transluscent Chenille

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700550-0000
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Semperfli Plush Transluscent Chenille
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ripe peach $2.75
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wimbledon yellow $2.75
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This 15mm chenille has a bonded core so it won't separate and is pressure dyed to push the color entirely through the core. It contains UV flecks for "glint" (flash) and vibrancy, and the fibers are less dense so the material can be wound closely for a tight and bushy fly.

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A bigger bushier version of Straggle String 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Springville, UT.

This is basically a bigger and bushier version of another of one of Semperfli's popular and very excellent materials, Straggle String. This is also an excellent and very similar body material that's close to krystal chenille or Estaz. It it tightly packed/spun and makes excellent heads on various streamer patterns as well as bodies and it's used on the well known krystal bugger fly pattern. This stuff makes great "Booby, FAB and Blob" fly patterns made popular in Europe and is a great underbody for baitfish patterns. The UV properties pop in the water and can be subdued or toned down with natural fur dubbing if necessary.

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