Extreme String

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700540-0000
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Semperfli Extreme String
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bronze $3.75
brown $3.75
chartreuse $3.75
christmas $3.75
copper $3.75
cream $3.75
fl.. dark pink $3.75
fl.. dennis the menace $3.75
fl.. orange $3.75
fl.. silver $3.75
fl.. shrimp pink $3.75
fl.. salmon roe $3.75
gold $3.75
green $3.75
lime $3.75
lichen $3.75
pale pink $3.75
red $3.75
tan $3.75
white $3.75
yellow $3.75
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A substantial range of dyed colored 40mm fiber with embedded metallic threads for flash make this the ultimate predator hackle. (The name derives from Extreme fly patterns.) Brushing the fibers with a toothbrush or similar separates the fibers and adds more bulk without additional weight. Very effective for pike, muskie, bull trout, steelhead or any saltwater pattern. 4 meters per card.

Other Details

Use anchor wraps and pull in tight to the shank to ensure this material is well anchored to the hook.

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