Guard Hair Chenille

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700522-0000
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Semperfli Guard Hair Chenille
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This chenille imitates animal fur's guard hairs with 20mm tinsel fibers protruding from the 10mm core chenille body. Well suited to streamers, saltwater and predator patterns, the guard hairs add lots of movement and enhance fly patterns. Takes Blob patterns to the level!

Other Details

Because this material is built on a slightly elastic core, before tying in first cut the end fibers to create a narrow tying-in point. Brush or comb the fibers (a toothbrush can work). This substantially smooths out the tight crimping from the manufacturing process and makes the fly more attractive and increases movement.

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Chenille with a twist

Reviewer: from Springville, UT.

This material is a chenille that is very similar to standard chenille with the exception of added flash twisted in the core and the fibers are spun much tighter making this chenille MUCH STRONGER and far more durable. A wonderful material with many uses, standard patterns calling for chenille, simply substitute for this product... In addition, brushing out the fibers after wrapping this product on a hook brings a new dimension to fly patterns, it creates depth and full bodiness! Now, not only can this create stunning flashy bodies but brushed out, it will make heads on baitfish and other fly patterns plump and full with some flash too... It can be used alone or in conjunction with other materials like hackle feathers for fabulous looking fly patterns. Give your Wooly Buggers some "bling" with a body made of this product or try putting a few wraps around some dumbell eyes on your streamer patterns and then brush it out for a full head with some flash! Many applications and a great color pallet to choose from to satisfy most any fly tyer. Highly recommended!

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