Grade #1 Hen Saddle

by: Keough | Item#: NM-610060-0000
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Keough Grade #1 Hen Saddle
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Premium hen saddles, perfect for all patterns that need a softer hackle. The fibers on these feathers are long and webby, making them very soft with some of the finest feathers for larger woolly buggers.

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Impulse buy!

Reviewer: from New Hampshire, USA

For some reason I thought this was a Whiting saddle when added to my cart. It wasn't until after checkout that I realized that it was a Keough saddle. Not sure if it makes a difference, because I don't have a Whiting saddle to compare it to. But, the feathers look nice to me. The colors are a bit dull as you would expect from a hen, but are also evenly colored and well defined. Many of them seem kind of short, with dense fibers that are soft and practically all web. Most of the feathers on the outer edge are pointy and a good number of the feathers from the middle are nice and round with a few pointys here and there. A lot of easy to find pairs on the saddle too, some of which I used to tie a couple small Rangeley style streamers that look nice.

It could be my inexperience as a tyer, but the fibers don't seem to splay out well when collared around the hook shank like a partridge feather would. I will try washing it and see if that helps. I also changed the cardboard backing and added a paper towel (which I've been told you should do anyway) because the one in the package had absorbed a lot of grease from the pelt.

I might not buy another one, mainly because Keough's color choice is limited to just 3. But, overall I am pleased with the saddle and it will be put to good use. I give it an average score of 3 for the excess grease and because I just plain don't know any better.

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good quality and quantity

Reviewer: from NEW YORK

I was very impressed with the hen saddle I received from Keough. The saddle was bigger than I expected with lots of usable feathers, the color and quality was great.

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