Tiger Barred 1/4" Magnum Rabbit Strips

by: Hareline | Item#: NM-770028-0000
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Hareline Tiger Barred 1/4
quantity Color your price
orange/black/yellow (tiger) $4.95
orange/black/tan (cree) $4.95
blue/black/white (minnow) $4.95
mahi green/black/charttreuse $4.95
green/brown/olive $4.95
olive/black/lt. olive $4.95
black/purple/fuchsia $4.95
black/yellow tipped/hot orange $4.95
black/key lime/baby blue $4.95
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These 1/4 inch rabbit strips combine the fish-catching effect of two-toned strips with dark barring. The effect is nothing short of amazing. Package of 3 strips.

Other Details

Except where otherwise noted, the two-toned strips have dark barring (second color in table above) over the fur's tip color (first color above). The third color in the table above is the bottom color in the fur.

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