Senyo's Laser Hair Dubbing

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-012400-0000
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Hareline Senyo's Laser Hair Dubbing
quantity Color your price
adams gray $2.35
amber $2.35
black $2.35
blood red $2.35
brown $2.35
fl. chartreuse $2.35
copper $2.35
cream $2.35
damsel blue $2.35
dark burnt orange $2.35
dark olive $2.35
hot pink $2.35
fl. Pink $2.35
fl. salmon pink $2.35
fl. shrimp pink $2.35
gold $2.35
highlander green $2.35
kingfisher blue $2.35
light chocolate $2.35
light gray $2.35
light olive $2.35
medium olive $2.35
medium red brown $2.35
olive baetis $2.35
orange $2.35
pale yellow $2.35
peacock green $2.35
purple $2.35
rusty orange $2.35
fl. shell pink $2.35
silver $2.35
sulphur yellow $2.35
tobacco brown $2.35
tan $2.35
polar white $2.35
yellow $2.35
20 color dispenser $19.95
yellow olive $2.35
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Soft synthetic dubbing that’s 1/2″-1″ long with sheen, but no sparkle. Great to build bodies and heads on saltwater, steelhead and salmon flies. Large color selection.

Other Details

Dispenser includes: peacock green, golden olive, medium olive, medium olive brown, golden yellow. sulphur yellow, cinnamon, orange brown, light tan brown, medium brown, dark red brown, dark chocolate, red, purple, polar white, cream, beige, gray, black.

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