Raptor Hackle

by: Hareline | Item#: NM-790252-0000
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Hareline Raptor Hackle
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fl. baby blue $9.95
fl. black $9.95
fl. bright purple $9.95
fl. chartreuse $9.95
fl. hot orange $9.95
fl. hot pink $9.95
fl. lt. olive $9.95
fl. minnow blue $9.95
fl. shrimp pink $9.95
fl. shrimp tan $9.95
fl. sunburst yellow $9.95
fl. white $9.95
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Short Rhea quills are perfect for intruder style patterns, saltwater flies and multitude of other patterns where extreme movement is required.

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This item is a regulated product that cannot be exported from the USA. Sorry, no international orders.

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