Plummeting Tungsten Beads - 5/32" (3.8mm) Dia.

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730157-0000
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Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Beads - 5/32
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blood red $6.55
matte black $6.55
black ruby $6.55
fl. chartreuse $6.55
fl. orange $6.55
fl. pink $6.55
fl. white $6.55
gold $6.55
jet black $6.55
metallic red $6.55
mottled brown $6.55
mottled olive $6.55
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These tungsten beads come in traditional, bright and metallic colors and they're countersunk so you can easily slide them around the hook bend. Tungsten is the heaviest non-toxic metal available and gets your fly down the fastest to the depth you want. 20 per package

Other Details

Fluorescent chartreuse is a green chartreuse, similar to caddis green.

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