Micro Groovy Bunny Strips

by: Hareline | Item#: NM-769930-0000
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Hareline Micro Groovy Bunny Strips
quantity Color your price
blue-orange-white $4.85
blue-yellow-white $4.85
fl. cerise-purple-white $4.85
gold-orange-white $4.85
orange-yellow-white $4.85
fl. pnk-orange-white $4.85
yellow chartr.-purple-white $4.85
yellow-olive-white $4.85
yellow-tan-white $4.85
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Hareline took micro white rabbit strips and applied streaks of 2 colors. The result is alternating white and pastel to medium intensity color on the kind of soft, flowing fur that made Hareline famous. 4 strips per package.


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