Mega Tying Pad

by: Hareline | Item#: OF-902112-0000
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Hareline Mega Tying Pad
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The dimpled surface of this nice, big pad will keep your hooks and beads from rolling or sliding away. The smooth silicone surface on the reverse side can be used for adhesives or epoxies and they will not stick, making it easy to clean. Great for setting up your work space and protecting the finish on your home tying bench.

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The mega size pad measures 17 1/2" x 23 1/4".

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Overweight item; there may be a shipping surcharge for expedited or international orders.

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Excellent Purchase Decision

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

I bought this because I needed to protect the table I was working on from spills (hooks, liquids, beads). The pad is very durable and prevents things like hooks from falling off the table and into the carpet (where they wind up in my wifes bare foot!) great idea to have one of these.

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Best Investment for the Fly Tying Desk

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I don't know who likes this more, me or my wife. This pad collects all the little pieces of flash, feathers, hairs, fibers that usually end up getting brushed on to the floor. To clean up, you simply just fold it up like a taco and go dump it in the trash. The backing of this mat is pretty good at adhering to the desk and doesn't slip around. The top of the mat is great to collect trimmings and prevent tools, hooks, eyes, and beads from rolling around. A great investment for your desk.

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Tying Pad is perfect for me

Reviewer: from NEW YORK

I really like the generous size of the mega tying pad and the protection it affords my table. I unfortunately have to tie at the dinner table and my wife really frowns on the epoxies and cements that tend to end up on the table so this is a a marriage saver. I also like that it holds my beads in place until I'm ready to tie with them. I have been very happy with the purchase and recommend it highly.

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Tying Desks Best Friend

Reviewer: from East Tennessee

A great addition to any tying space. It keeps beads and hooks from disappearing and keeps stray hair and feathers from floating around. The back can be used to mix epoxy and the leftover peels off when dry.

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Great For Clean Up

Reviewer: from Chireno, TX

Really enjoying the mega pad for clean up. I was tying on a smooth desktop before and was constantly having bits and pieces of what I was trimming blow around on the desk and wind up on the floor. The pad has just enough "grab" to hold onto those bits while not having so much as too make cleaning them off a chore.

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