Mangum's Original Mini Dragon Tail UV2 Treated

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730765-0000
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Hareline Mangum's Original Mini Dragon Tail UV2 Treated
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This smaller version of the popular Mangum's Dragon Tail is a fully re-sized model, not just the original with the big end cut short. About 6 inches long vs. 8 inches for the original. 5 tails per package.

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Awesome tails !

Reviewer: from Houston, Texas

I have these in just about every color now and love them! They cast relatively well and will shed most of its water in the first false cast. They have amazing life like action in the water and can be used as a tail substitute in just about any type of saltwater or fresh water bait fish pattern. Make sure to burn the tip and add a few drops of glue to keep it from unraveling. Let the creativity flow!!!

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Reviewer: from GA

These tails are one of the coolest things ive seen in fly tying in a long time!They have movement that is in-matched by anything else.The color selection is superb and the material is of a very high quality.You do need to dab some glue or singe the end of the tail to keep it from fraying,but that isn't a big deal.Try a package of them and you wont be disappointed!

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Great Product

Reviewer: from PA

This product is awesome. I recently purchased some orange / black barred tails and love them. I have not fished them yet, but can tell by tying them that they are going to rock. For new tyers - do not be intimidated by this product. It is an easy tie! Burn/Glue the tail tip as mentioned above and you will be fine. Consider adding a mono loop for support and to prevent fouling, but as I haven't fished these yet, that may not even be necessary.

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