Ice Dub - UV colors

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-012072-0000
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Hareline Ice Dub - UV colors
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UV black $2.75
UV brown $2.75
UV purple $2.75
UV pearl $2.75
UV light olive $2.75
UV pink $2.75
UV rust $2.75
UV cinnamon $2.75
UV dark olive $2.75
UV peacock eye $2.75
UV hot orange $2.75
UV shrimp pink $2.75
UV tan $2.75
UV callibaetis $2.75
UV gray $2.75
UV red $2.75
UV fl. hot pink $2.75
UV light gray $2.75
UV light yellow $2.75
UV dun $2.75
UV lavender $2.75
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One of the most popular dubbings for both freshwater and saltwater. Great sparkle and dubs beautifully. Take special note of the UV colors, in which the sparkle is deep blue. UV colors may not look the color on the label until you hold it up to light.

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