Hard as Hull Head Cement

by: Hareline | Item#: OF-900098-0000
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This super hard head cement contains acrylic copolymers. The cap of the original formula has a brush applicator. The penetrator formula is specially formulated to soak in and lock in the fly materials without added bulk or changing the surface appearance. The thinner can be used with either of the 2 cement formulas. 1/2 oz. bottle.

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Not Worth It

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

This is a good head cement but I do not see how its worth it when you can buy sally hansen's hard as nails. They are almost identical but sally hansen's is much cheaper and easier to find at wall greens. Besides that, it is a good head cement especially as a top coat over epoxy or clear cure goo.

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Head cement

Reviewer: from Waltham, MA US

This is great head cement. I use 2 coats and it is hard as hell. If u want a big build up use another coat. Very glossy. good stuff

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heavy buildup cement

Reviewer: from Craryville, NY US

i use this for my heads on my full dress salmon flies.a rich,smooth,and glossy finish well suited for presentation type flies.it is a thick cement with heavy buildup if you're not careful using it.

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Pretty Much Perfect

Reviewer: from Missoula, MT US

This cement is pretty similar, if not identical, to a certain someone's nail protector polish. Nonetheless, it applies very easily and comes ready-to-use out of the attractive bottle. A single coat will soak right into your threads/lead/material and make a solid, secure connection. Multiple coats will rather quickly build up a larger head. Dry-time is decent enough...a few minutes for a liberal coating. The applicator is a bit large for smaller flies, but nothing a bodkin can't fix. It's a bit pricey for what it is and how much you get, but it will still last for a great many flies. The smell is also a bit strong, but evaporates rather quickly.

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Good General Purpose Head Cement

Reviewer: from Tupelo, MS US

This is as good of a head cement as i've found. I like to use cement sparingly and wish this came with a smaller applicator brush.

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