Gritty Brass Beads

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730016-0000
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The combination of texture and reflective finishes makes these beads totally different from the conventional. Countersunk to fit around the bends of hooks.  20 beads per pack.


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Hot Heads

Reviewer: from Tennessee

I grabbed these beads on a whim. I am more than pleasantly surprised. The colors are bright and the gritty texture gives off some major shine. The inside diameter hole is also perfectly sized, no popping off the eye of the hook when under pressure like so many other beads I have tried!

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Peacock Gritty Beads are amazing!

Reviewer: from Pottstown PA, USA

I tried out the peacock gritty brass beads to see if the hype was true about the gritty beads. I can vouch for it - it puts out some major sparkle, but not in an obnoxious way, just a "yep, it's a bit of hot spot flash" way. Just the right amount. I don't know what it does to the water, pushing it ever the slightest bit in a disturbance, but whatever it does, I've noticed a far better catch rate when using these beads versus your standard brass beads of similar or same colors. My favorite color for these is the Peacock color, which is a color-shifting blue to green, depending on which way you look at it, but I admit that my preference for this color is more for my tastes than for fish catching ability; it is better than a regular brass bead for fish catching ability, but the peacock does just a good as any other color I've tried (grey, silver, rainbow, gold, green) so far, in the gritty color scheme, in my personal experience - I just prefer the color changing look to the peacock ones. Bottom line, I find it well worth the extra few cents to buy the gritty beads over buying regular cyclops brass beads. If you prefer tungsten beads, they have tungsten gritty beads too, though I must confess I have yet to try them out - I just don't fish that fast of water to necessitate that heavy of a fly; most of my nymphing is done on near-stillwater streams with just the slightest of current, so I have plenty of time to get the fly down to the fish's feeding lane. The sink rate for these beads is average for what you find on a typical brass cyclops bead, possibly just a slightest smidgen faster sinking but that may just be my imagination or how I play the fly. So yes, get these beads - well worth it, and you won't be disappointed!

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Awesome beads

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

Very happy with these. I bought the pink and tied up a single Thin Mint Bugger with one. I took it out on the water and hooked a very nice bass on the first cast. That's good enough for me! I ended up catching five bass in two hours on the Thin Mint. I've tied up a half-dozen more for future use.

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