Cyclops Brass Bead Eyes

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730010-0000
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Hareline Cyclops Brass Bead Eyes
quantity Color Size your price
black 1/16" $3.25
brass 1/16" $3.25
copper 1/16" $3.25
gold 1/16" $3.25
nickel 1/16" $3.25
black 5/64" $3.25
brass 5/64" $3.25
copper 5/64" $3.25
gold 5/64" $3.25
nickel 5/64" $3.25
black 3/32" $3.25
brass 3/32" $3.25
copper 3/32" $3.25
gold 3/32" $3.25
nickel 3/32" $3.25
black 7/64" $3.25
brass 7/64" $3.25
copper 7/64" $3.25
gold 7/64" $3.25
nickel 7/64" $3.25
black 1/8" $3.25
brass 1/8" $3.25
copper 1/8" $3.25
gold 1/8" $3.25
nickel 1/8" $3.25
black 5/32" $3.25
brass 5/32" $3.25
copper 5/32" $3.25
gold 5/32" $3.25
nickel 5/32" $3.25
black 3/16" $3.25
brass 3/16" $3.25
copper 3/16" $3.25
gold 3/16" $3.25
nickel 3/16" $3.25
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This standard bead head is made specifically for fly tying and is counter-drilled for sliding around the hook curve. 24 beads per package.

Other Details

Brass color varies from light to dark due to tarnishing of the brass surface. You may receive packages with different shades if ordering more than one package of this color.


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golden standard

Reviewer: from Hinsdale, MA US

These will always be my bead of choice. 1/8 is a great size for nymphs size 10 thru 14. even use them on streamers with shimmer props. The added color choices also make for interesting new patterns.

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Great beads

Reviewer: from Little Elm, TX US

I bought these beads for copper johns and green drakes. The look good and have a great price for the amount. They work easily on the hook and the size description is right on the money if you are not sure what size you need.

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Fantastic Bead

Reviewer: from CANON CITY, CO USA

These beads are smooth and well made to last. I use them for PMD's, pheasant tail nymphs, Whoolly Buggers, and more. I wouldn't buy a cyclops brass by any other producer.

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This is black?

Reviewer: from Corvallis, OR US

Beads for hook sizes 10-14. They add good weight to nymphs and such, but the color looks more like a very dark olive/charcoal, and I was hoping for glossy black. Sharpie to the rescue!

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Great quality

Reviewer: from College Station, TX US

these things (the smaller one) are very small. Very even in size as well as shape, I have no clue how they get something that small the exact same each time but I wont ask, I will just keep on using them.

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