Crazy Legs

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-720040-0000
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black / blue $3.55
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clear / salt-n-pepper $3.55
golden shiner / black-gold $3.55
gold metallic $3.55
minnow gray / black-pearl $3.55
olive / black $3.55
orange / orange-black $3.55
pearl $3.55
pink / pearl pepper $3.55
purple / electric blue $3.55
pumpkin / olive black $3.55
shrimp pink / pearl $3.55
white / silver $3.55
yellow / gold black $3.55
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Silicone skirting legs that are used in many fly patterns for both fresh and saltwater, similar to Sili-Legs. Most styles of legs have flakes in a contrasting color embedded in the silicone, and many have 2 different colors of flakes, giving a more natural look. The silicone is translucent, and the flakes are clearly visible. The silicone color is shown in the selection chart as the 1st color, and flake colors are the 2nd. 5 skirts per package.

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Crazy Leg Colors

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

These crazy legs have great movement but I was disappointed with the colors. The flaking on them was very minimal. I bought the lt. olive and watermelon rind colors and they had very minimal flaking and were almost solid colored. Not a huge problem but if you are looking for really wild colors not the choice for you.

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Great Movement In the Water

Reviewer: from Tulsa, OK

These legs are very jiggly on and in the water. Not sure why other reviewers said the aren't very strong, never had a problem myself.

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Crazy Legs

Reviewer: from liverpool NY

I have had no problem with breakage. They add some good movement to lots of patterns. I'm very happy with this product.

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Can anyone say crawdad?

Reviewer: from NY US

With a few of these dangling, you get that orange cast crayfish can have.

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Can you say hopper!

Reviewer: from Pinehurst, ID US

If you life anywhere that there are grasshoppers or stoneflies in your river systems these are a must have fly tying material. Great product

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