Bob Pop's Tungsten Jiggy Heads

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730810-0000
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Hareline Bob Pop's Tungsten Jiggy Heads
quantity Color Size your price
black/blank x-small $7.45 $5.29
gold/blank x-small $7.45 $5.29
black/blank small $7.45 $5.29
gold/blank small $7.45 $5.29
black/lime x-small $8.25 $5.79
gold/lime x-small $8.25 $5.79
gold/lime small $8.25 $5.79
black/lime medium $8.25 $5.79
gold/lime medium $8.25 $5.79
black/lime large $8.25 $5.79
gold/lime large $8.25 $5.79
nickel/lime large $8.25 $5.79
black/red small $8.25 $5.79
gold/red small $8.25 $5.79
gold/red medium $8.25 $5.79
gold/red large $8.25 $5.79
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Add a new dimension - and a lot of weight - to your streamer patterns. These heads are like little open-ended half barrels with the front end smaller than the rear. Slide one over the hook eye, secure with adhesive and you're done! Quickly adds your head, weight and eyes in one step. (Two steps if you select the 'no eyes' style and apply eyes yourself - see Other Details for sizes.) 10 heads per package. In the table above, the 'color' column displays head color/eye color.

Other Details

If you're getting eyes separately for these heads, here are the sizes to get: x-small and small: 1/8" (3mm). medium: 5/32" (4mm). large: 3/16" (5mm)


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