3D Beads

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730162-0000
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Hareline 3D Beads
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black $3.85
brown $3.85
chocolate brown $3.85
cream $3.85
fuchsia $3.85
gold $3.85
gray $3.85
green olive $3.85
light olive $3.85
olive $3.85
orange $3.85
red $3.85
white $3.85
yellow olive $3.85
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These 6mm plastic beads can be used at the ends of shanks in articulated flies as transitions between body sections. The visual effect of these beads is incredible - they have depth and it looks like there's actually a bead inside the bead. How do they do that? (Only Hareline knows for sure.) 30 beads per package.


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