12 Compartment Drilled Dubbing Box

by: Hareline | Item#: OF-900970-0000
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This is the box Wapsi and Hareline use to sell their dubbing assortments. Does not include dubbing. Use it for your custom assortments, or give them to friends. Measures 6 inch x 3 inch x 1 inch.

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Great space saver and time saver!

Reviewer: from Western Canada

I bought a couple of these to store and organize my dubbing. I don't know why I waited so long! These boxes have made my tying easier, faster and more enjoyable. I have 16 bags of dubbing and working with them is a time consuming because I've got to open and close each bag and they take up a lot of space on my bench. But now those 16 bags have been replaced by 2 small boxes (and I've still got room for 8 more dubbings). Overall the box is a great size. Each compartment holds about 1/3-1/2 of a bag of dubbing and the hole is the right size for a pair of tweezers. (I put the leftovers of my dubbings in a shoe box in which I keep all my extra supplies.) My only complaint about the box is that the hinge part is just bendy plastic rather than a proper 2-part hinge. My experience with this sort of hinge is that the plastic will crack and break with repeated open-close cycles. But, given the intended use of the box is to hold dubbing then the only time you need to open and close the lid is when you add more dubbing which should be infrequently for most tyers. So maybe the bendy plastic hinge is a non-issue? In any case, the asking price is a bargain. If you're tired of wasting time messing with bags of dubbing then this product is for you.

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Nice storage for dubbing

Reviewer: from Mebane, NC US

I use these to store all of my dubbings. They are durable and have a nice sized hole in the bottom. The only thing I would add is an option of a larger box such as a 16 compartment box.

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Handy Organizer

Reviewer: from Highlands Ranch, CO US

Upon seeing it my wife said "What in the world is that?". Upon describing it to her, she smiled and realized how useful it could be!

While not perfect (I have to use a pick to pry out dubbing in some cases), it is very handy to have all these different colors organized into one place. Definitely worth a couple of bucks.

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Very useful

Reviewer: from Vermont

I love to make my own dubbing blends and this box makes it easy to keep things organized. It's perfectly sized and very convenient. Thank you Hareline!

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Great Cheap Dubbing Box

Reviewer: from Tupelo, MS US

Organization is always a challenge on tying desk but a couple of these boxes eliminated all the various bags of dubbing eliminating a lot of clutter. Can't beat the price either.

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