Creeper Chenille

by: Frozen North FF | Item#: SM-700380-0000
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Frozen North FF Creeper Chenille
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atomic yellow $7.25
black $7.25
blushing sunburst $7.25
bone fish $7.25
brown $7.25
fl. white $7.25
hot pink $7.25
hulk $7.25
marshmallow pink $7.25
olive $7.25
orange $7.25
prawn $7.25
red $7.25
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Creeper Chenille is a great tool for tiers trying to add some bulk and wiggle to their bugs. Perfect for imitating freshwater food items like crawdads and stoneflies or saltwater fare like crabs and shrimp, Creeper chenille can be employed on just about any streamer where the tyer wants to add 'size' without adding much weight (e.g. intruders or marabous). The material is made of Lifeflex/Spanflex style 'legs' woven into a thin core of frizzy 'egg' style chenille. Whereas similar products don't quite get the core-to-legs ratio correct, FNF hit it on the head here. Most at home on hooks sz.10-2. Each bag contains approximately 2m of material.

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