Fluorocarbon Tippet

by: Frog Hair | Item#: LL-256080-0000
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Frog Hair Fluorocarbon Tippet
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6X / 3# 3.3 lb. $14.95
5X / 4# 4.4 lb. $14.95
4X / 6# 6.6 lb. $14.95
3X / 8# 8.8 lb. $14.95
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Frog Hair's added suppleness compliments the refractive qualities of fluorocarbon to deliver the most stealthy, drag-free presentation possible. This tippet uses ultra high molecular weight PVDF fluorocarbon for increased flexibility; after Frog Hair's patented Gamma process, it has up to 2X the suppleness of others. A  IFGA Class rated for sizes marked with '#' above. 25 meter spool.

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The second size number in the table above indicates the IFGA Test Class in pounds.

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