Vampire Sheep Hair

by: FrankenFly | Item#: SM-759944-0000
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FrankenFly Vampire Sheep Hair
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Aztec gold $5.95
black $5.95
brown $5.95
chartreuse $5.95
fruit fly (4 color blend) $5.95
olive $5.95
orange $5.95
pink $5.95
purple $5.95
red $5.95
silver $5.95
tan $5.95
white $5.95
yellow $5.95
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Our Pro Team leader and owner of FrankenFly,  Paul Beel, has concocted this unique blend of icelandic sheep wool with a little flash in a wide range of colors. Vampire Sheep Hair is a blend of Icelandic Sheep Hair and very fine mylar flash to add sparkle. This is an excellent material to use on streamers. It is very soft and easy to tie with. You can add bulk to a fly without adding much weight and it holds its shape in the water which provides a great profile for your streamer. The movement of Vampire Sheep Hair in the water is as good or better than bucktail or marabou with fish attractive flash already added in. The average length is around 4 to 5 inches.


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