Frog's Fanny Double-Duty Fly Treatment

by: Footeloose Products | Item#: OF-900011-0000
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Frog's Fanny Floatant may be the best you'll ever use! This excellent combined floatant/desiccant powder is well known for injecting life back into waterlogged dry flies. Frog's Fanny is not only great for floating dry flies super-high, but when it's applied to nymphs and wet flies, Frog's Fanny creates air bubbles which provides a more natural looking appearance. 1 oz. bottle, brush applicator included.

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Great stuff!

Reviewer: from Westmoreland, VA

I just started using this stuff after years of using Gink as my go to floating and I am super impressed! Works great for floating bushy dries through the mountain streams for brook trout. It does need to be applied after each fish typically but that is a big advantage it has over Gink. I just pinch the fly in my shirt to get out the excess water then work the powder into the fly with the brush, blow off the extra and get the fly back on the water!

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Floats your fly without smashing down the hackle

Reviewer: from Seattle, WA USA, area

I prefer this for adding dressing to my flies over liquid fly dressing, though I carry the liquid to put on my tippet in certain situations. The Frog Fanny really gives my dry flies a nice ride on the surface without smashing down the hackle.

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A great general purpose floatant

Reviewer: from Georgia

I mainly use dries for dry dropping on a euro rig so it’s imperative that my dries are able to float well enough to hold up one or two nymphs. I bought the frogs fanny because I needed a floatant to use on my standard dries as well as my cdc bugs. It floats both exceptional!

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