Fish-Skull Living Eyes

by: Flymen Fishing | Item#: SM-730062-0000
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Flymen Fishing Fish-Skull Living Eyes
quantity Color Size your price
earth 3mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 3mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 3mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 3mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 4mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 4mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 4mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 4mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 5mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 5mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 5mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 5mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 6mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 6mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 6mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 6mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 7mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 7mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 7mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 7mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 8.5mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 8.5mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 8.5mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 8.5mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 10mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 10mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 10mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 10mm $3.25 $2.78
earth 15mm $3.25 $2.78
wind 15mm $3.25 $2.78
fire 15mm $3.25 $2.78
ice 15mm $3.25 $2.78
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Using the latest holographic technology, these eyes are as realistic as anything out there. They are also well priced compared to other realistic eyes. 20 eyes per pack in the 3mm through 7mm sizes, 16 per pack in in the 8.5mm and 10mm and 12 in the 15mm packs.

Other Details

Colors: Earth (golden brown); Wind (golden); Fire (orange red); Ice (silver). Approx. diameters in inches: 3mm = 1/8"; 4mm = 5/32"; 5mm = 3/16"; 6mm = 15/64"; 7mm= 9/32"; 8.5mm = 21/64"; 10mm= 25/64"; 15mm= 5/8"

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Reviewer: from LEAVENWORTH, KS US

Bought a couple packs of these eyes last month. These eyes are very realistic, they look as close to real fish eyes as I have ever seen. Really makes your minnow flies stand out.

The only problem I've encountered is a few of these eyes have not stuck real well. This is easily fixed with a drop of head cement.

I will probably buy more of these in the future.

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real eyes

Reviewer: from EAGLE RIVER, WI USA

I use eyes on all my streamer patterns now! these things look real!

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Realistic Eyes

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

These are the most realistic eyes that I have bought. The only down side is that the adhesive side is not very sticky. This is taken care of when you add a minimal amount of zap a gap to the back side. These are just as cool looking but much cheaper than high end eyes such as the clear cure goo adhesive eyes. Use the smallest size on deceivers and than cover with clear cure goo hydro for a great looking head.

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Realistic Eyes

Reviewer: from Maine

I use these almost exclusively on my streamer patterns. They look great with or without fish masks and when coated with UV Resin look super realistic!

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Realize, Real Eyes

Reviewer: from NY

These are pretty realistic eyes. I've used these for marsh candy patterns(freshwater surf candy) & poppers. Good quality & good looking.

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