Fish-Skull Baitfish Head

by: Flymen Fishing | Item#: SM-730220-0000
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Flymen Fishing Fish-Skull Baitfish Head
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coppertone small $5.85 $3.99
golden chartreuse small $5.85 $3.99
dark gray small $5.85 $3.99
silver baitfish small $5.85 $3.99
tan baitfish small $5.85 $3.99
coppertone small/med. $5.85 $3.99
golden chartreuse small/med. $5.85 $3.99
dark gray small/med. $5.85 $3.99
tan baitfish small/med. $5.85 $3.99
coppertone medium $5.85 $3.99
golden chartreuse medium $5.85 $3.99
dark gray medium $5.85 $3.99
silver baitfish medium $5.85 $3.99
tan baitfish medium $5.85 $3.99
coppertone large $5.85 $3.99
golden chartreuse large $5.85 $3.99
dark gray large $5.85 $3.99
silver baitfish large $5.85 $3.99
tan baitfish large $5.85 $3.99
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The Fish-Skull is designed to mimic the head, eyes and gill plates of baitfish patterns. These heads are made of a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal alloy that avoids adding excessive weight (about the same as dumbbell eyes). The center of gravity is kept below the hook shank, providing a "keel" whether the pattern is tied with the point above or below the shank. 3-D adhesive eyes are included in the package as an option to stick in the recessed eye sockets. The head has a slot on the front, allowing you to slide the head over the eye of the hook after all other material is tied. The sizes are matched with hook sizes from as small as 10 up to 4/0.

Other Details

Small: recommended hook sizes 6, 8; includes 10 skulls/pkg. Small-Medium: hook sizes 2, 4; includes 8 skulls/pkg. Medium: hook sizes 1, 2; includes 8 skulls/pkg. Large: hook sizes 2/0, 3/0; includes 6 skulls/pkg. (Skulls may fit hook sizes that are 1 size larger or smaller than recommended.)


Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars(15 Reviews) Write a Review

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Head for the Beach 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Atlantic Highlands, NJ US

I use these for saltwater deceiver patterns in a variety of colors. I use the large size on 3/0 hooks and use a 9 wt. outfit to cast them(a 10 wt. might be even better). They sink like a rock and work great in deep water and fast currents. I secure them to the fly with Zap-A-Gap gel which provides a rock solid foundation and fills any gap between the thread and the head. I secure the eyes and front thread dam with regular Zap-A-Gap. I find that the color of the head wears off after limited use in the harsh surf environments I fish, but the head remains securely fastened after repeated whacks on sand and rocks and attacks by bluefish and stripers. A coat of epoxy or hard head cement might help--will have to try it. I like them!

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Nifty Product 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from PHILADELPHIA, PA US

These definitely add a new dimension to fly tying. while correct positioning is key, if you tie your fly upside down and position the head a directed you can get your fly to ride hook point up. Perfect for those deep weedy pools to prevent snagging...
Definitely an innovative product and with the new sculpin helments and articulated shanks, this small company is going to go places.

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Fish Skulls 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Stowe, VT US

I bought these in the small silver version to try out on black-nosed dace and mickey finn's. They look much more realistic than the typical thread head. I can't wait for opening day to try them out. I will advise though when using these, they slip on from the eye after the fly is 'finished' so make sure you don't build up too much of a head and test fit them before gluing on with head cement or super glue.
I think they are a great product and I plan to buy the sculpin heads too.

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My new favorite 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Belvidere, NJ US

These skulls are an awesome way to spruce up and modernize any new old or classic streamer. My favorite way to use them is to finish the fly just a few eye lengths back and add a veil style head of Senyo's Lazer Dub, a few drops of Loctite Ultra Control Gel superglue, press on and hold for a couple of seconds. Use the same glue for the eyes.

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Cool Item 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

This is one of those items you buy just because they look cool. Use them on any time tested patterns such as wooly buggers or on any new patterns. I like the idea of sliding on the head after you tie the fly rather than putting in on the hook first as you do with cones. These allow you to add weight and durability to any fly patters. Add these to regular deceivers and you have a great baitfish fly pattern.

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