Rotary Fly Drier

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If you use epoxy adhesive, high build finish or heavy coats of paint to make flies, coated lures or jigs, the key to success is rotating the flies while they cure. This drier has a 4 inch foam wheel with slots (shown with paper inserted in the image at left) evenly spaced for attaching flies and the wheel can easily be removed from the motor shaft. The 5 RPM AC motor turns the flies at the ideal speed for curing 2-part epoxy or other viscous liquids. Solid oak construction.

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Great Product

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

I tie a lot of foam bass poppers with epoxy and this is a must have. Before I would have to rotate it by hand or keep having to fix the epoxy but with this, it does everything you need.

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Reviewer: from Carbondale, IL US

Now I dont have this exact brand...but this type of product is a must if you use epoxy. I enjoy tying thunder creek minnows and other epoxy head minnows and having turner like this will give you perfect smooth heads every time. Without it you have to be very carefull or else you get a misshapen head because the epoxy flows to one side. Not so when using the turners. Perfect heads everytime.

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If you use epoxy, get this wheel

Reviewer: from Hartsdale, NY

I was apprehensive about buying one of these wheels but once I did I could not be happier I did. If you use epoxy for finishing heads on your flies, dressed trebles or for coating poppers then this is a must have. It’s one of the better investments I’ve made. You might want to get a spare foam wheel if you tie with different size hooks such as a 2/0 (or larger) popper hook and or a size 14 (or smaller) fly for example. I’ve noticed over time the slits in the popper wheel have stretched out when using the bigger hooks so I use one wheel for large hooks and another for smaller ones. If you don’t dry many flies at once then this probably won’t be a problem for you.

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Finally got one, works great

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

Got this on sale and am happy with it. After a few years of trying homemade "devices" for my epoxy heads that never really worked well, I decided to splurge on something made for it. Works good and makes the epoxy look a lot better.

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Absolutely Necessary for Clousers

Reviewer: from CANON CITY, CO USA

I use this drying wheel for Clouser Minnows and I find it dries the epoxy exactly the way I want it.

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