523 BL 60 Degree Heavy Long Jig Hook

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: HK-071523-0000
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Firehole Outdoors 523 BL 60 Degree Heavy Long Jig Hook
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Flat eye with a 60 degree bend, sproat bend, 1X wide gape, 3X long, heavy wire, barbless, black nickel finish. The 523 is a 3XL version of the Firehole 516. To compensate for the additional leverage generated from the extended length, the wire diameter is increased by one size, e.g. 523 #10 and 516 #8 have the same wire diameter. Uses: long jigs.

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Finally an extended jig hook!

Reviewer: from Vermont, USA

This hook is AWESOME! Finally an extended jig hook. Perfect for inverted woolly buggers, pats rubber legs, & so much more!

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Long Jig Buggers/Stoneflies

Reviewer: from Pennsylvania

Very stout hook with a sharp point. Gap could be a bit larger. I recommend sizing up your bead 1 size due to the heavy wire. I'm using a 1/8" on a size 10 and it takes some effort to get it on. Same size on a size 8 daiichi works just fine.

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typically good firehole hooks

Reviewer: from North GA

I use these on some bugger and minnow patterns and like them. Like other FIrehole hooks, they're sharp and well crafted. I do with the gap was larger, both because I like a wider gap when fishing, but also to accommodate more bead sizes.

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Balanced Leeches

Reviewer: from Corvallis, OR

I have been tying up balanced leeches for over 5 years, typically in sizes 10’s and 12’s. I am getting ready to fish Pyramid Lake and need to be tying size 6 & 8’s. I was unhappy with the short body I was getting with the jig hooks I have been using. Using a tungsten bead to get the fly near the bottom shortened the body even more. I just came across this Fire Hole hook and tied up a dozen #6 balanced leeches and I’m really pleased with the long slender profile. I will definitely be using the 523 BL Fire Hole hooks for all of my balanced leeches in the future and other inverted patterns requiring a longer profile.

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At last an extended jig fly hook.

Reviewer: from Indiana

I am making nymphs for sunfish and crappie. The other jig hooks on the market seem to be too short or they are "wide gap." The #12 523BL is a equivalent to (not exact) a #10 2xl Daiichi 5262.

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