Tungsten Beads - 'Stones' - 3.0mm Dia.

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: SM-730168-0000
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Firehole Outdoors Tungsten Beads - 'Stones' - 3.0mm Dia.
quantity Color your price
almond joy $8.25
autumn $8.25
black matte $8.25
black nickel $7.45
fl. caddis green $8.25
fl. chartreuse $8.25
copper plated $7.45
dark olive $8.25
fl. fire orange $8.25
gold plated $7.45
mounds $8.25
olive $8.25
fl. pink panther $8.25
fl. screaming red $8.25
sterling silver $7.45
true blood $8.25
white $8.25
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Firehole 'Stones' raise the bar for tungsten fly tying beads. In addition to the standard metallic colors, these beads come in a broad spectrum of painted colors, ranging from bright fluorescents to muted natural tones, all with a high quality matte finish. Along with superior color choice, a solid selection of sizes and top quality, Firehole Stones tungsten beads are a great value, packing 36 beads in each package.

Other Details

Compatible hook sizes: 2.0mm: 16-18; 2.5mm: 14-16; 3.0mm: 10-14; 3.5mm: 10-14; 4.0mm: 8-12

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