Tungsten Beads - 'Stones' - 2.0mm Dia.

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: SM-730166-0000
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Firehole Outdoors Tungsten Beads - 'Stones' - 2.0mm Dia.
quantity Color your price
almond joy $9.50
autumn $9.50
black matte $9.50
black nickel $8.65
fl. caddis green $9.50
fl. chartreuse $9.50
copper plated $8.65
dark olive $9.50
fl. fire orange $9.50
gold plated $8.65
mounds $9.50
olive $9.50
fl. pink panther $9.50
fl. screaming red $9.50
sterling silver $8.65
true blood $9.50
white $9.50
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Firehole 'Stones' raise the bar for tungsten fly tying beads. In addition to the standard metallic colors, these beads come in a broad spectrum of painted colors, ranging from bright fluorescents to muted natural tones, all with a high quality matte finish. Along with superior color choice, a solid selection of sizes and top quality, Firehole Stones tungsten beads are a great value, packing 36 beads in each package.

Other Details

Compatible hook sizes: 2.0mm: 16-18; 2.5mm: 14-16; 3.0mm: 10-14; 3.5mm: 10-14; 4.0mm: 8-12

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Firehole Stones!

Reviewer: from Nashville, TN

I really enjoy these tungsten beads by Firehole Outdoors. They are well-crafted and look GREAT on woolly buggers, nymphs, scuds, etc. A wide assortment of colors and sizes will ensure that they have just the bead for your need. Assorted colors allow for some fun, off-the-wall patterns. Minus 1 Star b/c they're significantly more expensive than Wapsi, Hareline, etc for similar items. Nonetheless, worth the purchase for colors you can't find elsewhere.

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Good, but with flaws

Reviewer: from Idaho

If you are tying for Instagram then these are perfect, they look great. Now if you tie flies for fishing they are only a 3 star. The colors are great, they are great to tie with, they are heavy and get the fly down, however after about 10 minutes of nymphing about half of the color was gone. It chipped off extremely easy. I'm prepared for my materials to wear, but you are paying a lot of money for a beat that will be metallic colored after a short while.

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Reviewer: from Colorado, USA

Matte colors are vivid and really stand out. Love using 2.5mm instead of 2.3/2.4mm especially on size 16s

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Best tying innovation in a long time

Reviewer: from Montana

Bought several colors and sizes of these to try. They add a subtlety to nymphs and allow for a closer match to a natural. Highly effective so far. Sometimes a matte color bead matching the rest of the fly is warranted rather than a silver , gold or black bead. Ordering more

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Superb Looking Nymphs!

Reviewer: from Chicago, IL

I ordered the 2.5mm almond joy, autumn and black matte stones and tied up some Copper Johns and GRHE nymphs. Man, they look terrific and I cannot wait to fish them come Spring. The colors of the autumn especially make the GRHE's just pop! I am going to order more and tie up more nymphs using the olive and true blood colored stones!

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