Slotted Tungsten Beads - 'Stones' - 4.5mm (3/16") Dia.

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: SM-730177-0000
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Firehole Outdoors Slotted Tungsten Beads - 'Stones' - 4.5mm (3/16
quantity Color your price
almond joy (med. brown) $9.45
autumn (burnt yellow) $9.45
matte black $9.45
black nickel $9.45
copper $9.45
fl. fire orange $9.45
gold $9.45
mounds (dark brown) $9.45
olive $9.45
fl. pink panther (hot pink) $9.45
fl. screaming red (fire engine) $9.45
sterling silver $9.45
true blood (dark red) $9.45
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These slotted tungsten beads are available in a variety of popular colors and are well suited to put weight on jig patterns with Firehole or other brands of jig hooks. Metallic finishes are plated and non-metallic are painted to achieve a matte finish. Fluorescent matte colors are fire orange, pink panther and screaming red. 28 "stones" per box.

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