Bug Bands - 3.7mm

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: SM-730850-0000
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Firehole Outdoors Bug Bands - 3.7mm
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black nickel $6.25
radiant blue $6.25
radiant brown $6.25
copper $6.25
radiant dark blue $6.25
gold $6.25
radiant green $6.25
radiant olive $6.25
radiant orange $6.25
radiant pink $6.25
radiant purple $6.25
radiant purple $6.25
radiant red $6.25
sterling silver $6.25
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An integral part of Firehole Outdoors' weight management system, the Bug Band has several purposes. In its most common use, the Bug Band provides an immediate hotspot behind the bead of your fly. Its size, shape, and construction also allow it to be added to any part of the fly, for example as intermediate hotspots, while using varying sizes can maintain the profile of the fly. As a brass bead, the weight of the bug band is roughly 20% of that of a comparably sized tungsten bead. 36 pieces per package. See Other Details tab for a full description of Firehole's Weight Management System.

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