Articulated Shanks

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: HK-071090-0000
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Firehole Outdoors Articulated Shanks
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0.75 inch 0.9mm wire $5.75
1.0 inch 0.9mm wire $5.75
1.5 inches 0.9mm wire $5.75
2.0 inches 0.9mm wire $5.75
0.75 inch 0.8mm wire $5.75
1.0 inch 0.8mm wire $5.75
1.5 inches 0.8mm wire $5.75
2.0 inches 0.8mm wire $5.75
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Available in 2 weights of wire and 4 lengths, these articulated shanks are unique to Firehole and are intended to permit easy changing or substitution of shanks with different materials or design. The larger 0.9mm wire is recommended for hook sizes 6 and larger; the finer 0.8mm wire is recommended for sizes 6 and smaller. 28 shanks per package.

Average Customer Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars(1 Review) Write a Review

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Pretty Good 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Arkansas

I'm not 100% sure what the advantage is to these. I've fallen in love with everything I've tried from Firehole so I decided to go all in with their shanks. They'll certainly do the job, but the hairpin config is kind of wonky. Not sure why they didn't just use straight wire. I would recommend buying a different brand for the tail pieces if you aren't going to use a hook. The .75" is about the same length as the shank on their size 10 streamer hooks, but the eye is too small on the hook. Also, the aft loop on these is pretty large. It's only an issue if you're using it for the tail hook though. As for action, it's as good as one would hope.

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