Articulated Shanks

by: Firehole Outdoors | Item#: HK-071090-0000
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Firehole Outdoors Articulated Shanks
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0.75 inch 0.9mm wire $4.95
1.0 inch 0.9mm wire $4.95
1.5 inches 0.9mm wire $4.95
2.0 inches 0.9mm wire $4.95
0.75 inch 0.8mm wire $4.95
1.0 inch 0.8mm wire $4.95
1.5 inches 0.8mm wire $4.95
2.0 inches 0.8mm wire $4.95
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Available in 2 weights of wire and 4 lengths, these articulated shanks are unique to Firehole and are intended to permit easy changing or substitution of shanks with different materials or design. The larger 0.9mm wire is recommended for hook sizes 6 and larger; the finer 0.8mm wire is recommended for sizes 6 and smaller. 28 shanks per package.

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