EP 3-D Minnow Fibers

by: Enrico Puglisi | Item#: SM-760010-0000
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Enrico Puglisi EP 3-D Minnow Fibers
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black $8.95
bucktail white $8.95
chartreuse $8.95
minnow $8.95
olive $8.95
orange $8.95
polar bear $8.95
purple $8.95
red $8.95
tan $8.95
white $8.95
yellow $8.95
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These fibers are light, amazingly translucent and have an action between marabou and bucktail. The pure colors of EP fibers have been blended into colors ideal for minnow flies. It took Puglisi many years and several attempts to understand how to put these colors together. The density of the fibers and the color blend is just what you need to imitate baitfish patterns. EP 3D MINNOW FIBERS is your choice to tie any Clouser Minnow flies and if you're into the new era of jig/fly look no further. EP 3D MINNOW FIBERS are great for inshore/offshore flies 6 inches and longer. 10" in length. Great choice of colors.

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Great product

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

I like to use these fibers on the back side of bass poppers. they add a lot of bulk without much weight. good colors to.

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Great material

Reviewer: from Western Pa

I purchased this material to mix in with bucktail when making clousers. It exceeded my expectations and makes a very nice fly. Great movement in the water and the color options are superb. Also it is very easy to work with. I would definitly recommend this product.

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Perfect material for baitfish patterns

Reviewer: from Bamberg, SC US

I use this material to tie EP patterns. The Peanut Butter, Everglades Special, etc. Great undulation and sheds water better than any other material I have edver used. One back-cast and bone dry. A little goes a long way when tying - less is more.

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Puglisi EP-3D Minnow Fibers

Reviewer: from Tuscaloosa, AL US

I tied up some baitfish patters with the Puglisi 3-D Fibers and it had a very nice texture and look very good. I also tied up some Clousers with it and they too looked very good. No more Deer Hair for me, as from now on I will be using the 3-D fibers for all of my Clousers. I re-order more of it in some other colors.

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EP Merkin Crab


Trying to find a nice material with a good natural characteristic to crab fly patterns can be difficult. EP fiber certainly allows this natural look to stand out. Catching permit and Golden trevally on EP merkin crabs goes a long way to its proven quality and resiliance.

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