3-Piece Scissor Set & Fly Box

by: Dr. Slick | Item#: OF-904530-0000
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Dr. Slick 3-Piece Scissor Set & Fly Box
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This three-piece Scissor Gift SetĀ from Dr. Slick includes: 4" all purpose scissors, 3 1/2" arrow scissors, and 4 1/2" hair scissors, all with gold handles and serrated blades. The set is packaged in a large Dr. Slick Ripple Foam Fly Box (8.25 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches). If purchased separately, this set retails for over $60. Buy the Gift Set and save!

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20- and 100-packs of black or nickel silver rings can be purchased at LL-295020-0000. See link below ("Customers who purchased this frequently purchase:").

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