Extra-Hand Fly Tweezer - FEX

by: Dr. Slick | Item#: OF-904510-0000
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If you have trouble holding and placing small materials as you tie them on the hook, this fly tying tool will make your life easier. It is a self-closing tweezers so you can put it down still holding the material, and pick it up when you're ready without missing a beat. The tweezers has a handsome gold & satin finish and a curved end for exact placement of materials on small patterns. 2 1/4" long.

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Not indispensable but worth every penny

Reviewer: from Racine, WI US

Not indispensable but worth every penny you spend. Besides facilitating tying the fly to your leader, you can’t beat it for inserting a small hook into your midge jaws . Pinch on to the eye ( either straight or down) . By magnetizing it you can pick small hooks out of a box and “flick” the mass over a plate shaking off how many you need. Great to retrieve a dropped fly on the rug when your tying. Clamp it with your forceps for extra reach!

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one of the best tools i have bought

Reviewer: from SULLIVAN, MO US

i mainly got this to use at my tying station but after using it some i will have to get another to keep on my vest as well...for really small flies such as midges in sizes past 20 they are a fantastic tool for holding on to them when getting them out of the fly box or just to tie the fly on to the line

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Worth Every Penny

Reviewer: from Massachusetts US

These are an extremely handy tool, and I keep finding new uses for these tweezers.They are very helpful in securing tiny beads while inserting small hooks. I have used them as palmering pliers, as well as weight to secure a broken thread for a restart. They also provide enough positive grip to wrap wire rib bodies easily, and I feel they would make a helpful addition to any tyer's bench.

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Perfect tool

Reviewer: from Pecs, Baranya HU

Very good instrument. Makes the precise work easy, need everybody who has thick fingers.

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What a pleasure!

Reviewer: from South Africa

Fine detailed work is a breeze with these tweezers.
They allow great control with an angle that is natural to work with.

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