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by: Dr. Slick | Item#: OF-904500-0000
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Your fingers are not made for picking up or holding tiny beads! Dr. Slick offers an end to the frustration - a self-closing tweezers with a handsome gold & satin finish and indentations on the insides of the points for grabbing and holding the bead securely.

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Another convert to bead tweezers

Reviewer: from Conyers, GA US

I try and make do with what I have and buy as few tools as I can get away with. Bead tweezers weren't real high on the priority list, but I decided to have a go with them when I was placing my last order. As others have noted, they really are helpful for "bead management". What's not mentioned, though it's obvious in the picture when you think about it, is that the tweezer's natural position is closed. This means they keep pressure on the bead, you don't have to sit there squeezing them. The one problem I have with them is that the bead pocket is further back from the tip so don't work as well with the small beads I use, thus 4 stars instead of 5. No regrets on the purchase all things considered though.

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Must have product

Reviewer: from Media, PA US

I have no idea how I have gone so long without these tweezers. I am sure everybody has heard the annoying sound of " tink, tink, tink as your bead bounces off your table onto the floor; to never be found again. Well these tweezers will solve the problem. Great for picking beads from bags and carpet; if you happen to locate the bead after it has bounced 10 times prior to diving into the carpet. They provide a great grip on the bead allowing you to thread a hook; no matter what size bead. If you drop a lot of beads as I do these are a must have.

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Nice litle tool

Reviewer: from Vermont USA

It's difficult to see in the picture, but mine came with a rubber tip on one side of the tweezer tips which is handy. There's a little needle point of rubber on the rubber tip which fits nicely into bead holes for easy pickup, but it's become floppy with use on my tweezers. Still, a nice product and I use it often.

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Great tool

Reviewer: from New Holland, PA US

This is a great tool. If you have bigger fingers or cannot hold onto the beads very easily this is a big help. Especially when you are trying to thread a small hook through the bead.

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Good addition to the bench

Reviewer: from Calgary, AB CA

Very handy if you are a bit clumsy like me! I very rarely drop beads into the great unknown below my desk. Has really taken a lot of the frustration out of using beads, both glass and beadheads.

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