Barb Plier - PBC5

by: Dr. Slick | Item#: OF-904415-0000
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Smooth jaws, green PVC handles, spring opening with lanyard on one handle. 5" long.

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Quality, reasonably-priced tool

Reviewer: from Saskatchewan, Canada

Like the description says this is a plier for flattening barbs. The size/design of the jaws is suitable for a wide range of hook sizes. I've used my plier with sizes 16 through 2/0 but I'm sure they would work fine with a few sizes lower smaller or higher. The spring-loaded jaws make for easy one-handed operation at the tying bench or on the water. And wrist lanyard (which can be tighted by a sliding rubber ring) ensures that you don't drop them in the stream or overboard. This plier is a quality, well-designed tool offered at a reasonable price.

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Great Tool!

Reviewer: from Houston, TX US

I use this for debarbing hooks while I am tying as well as pack it with me when I'm out on the stream. This is a quality product that has lasted me a long time and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a quick way to debarb hooks.

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Super Pliers

Reviewer: from Mena, AR US

If you need a pair of smooth nose pliers for smashing barbs and flattening lead on medium to small flies, then these are what you need. I've been pleased with the quality of every Dr. Slick tool I've ever bought and these are certainly no exception. They are also small and light enough to clip on your vest if you want to take them with you on your next outing.

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"Must have" tool!

Reviewer: from Canton, OH US

I have had mine for a couple years now & wouldn't be without them. The spring opening smooth jaws make barb mashing easy & they just "pop" open after mashing, thus clearing the hook point from unwanted contact/damage. Some forceps are too narrow to work well with larger (size 10 & larger) hooks, but not this tool...the jaws are wide enough that they do very well on larger hooks. Just another well designed & well made Dr Slick tool. I would certainly buy it again.

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Great Pliers!

Reviewer: from Arthurdale, WV US

I bought these pliers for my tying bench to remove hook barb's and they work great. They work great on hooks at lease to size 24 and maybe smaller, are very comfortable and are easy to hold. Would highly recommend these pliers.

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