Thread & Floss of Every Color

by: Danville / Wapsi / UNI | Item#: TW-006200-0000
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Danville 4 Strand Fluorescent Nylon Floss - 8 colors $14.95
Danville 4 Strand Rayon Floss - 15 colors $27.95
Wapsi Ultra Thread 70 denier - 22 colors $45.75
Wapsi Ultra Thread 140 denier - 22 colors $45.75
UNI Big Fly Thread - 5 colors $16.95
UNI 3/0 UNI-Thread Mono Waxed - 15 colors $31.95
UNI 6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed - 23 colors $68.45
UNI 8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed Midge - 20 colors $65.55
UNI-Floss Single Strand - 27 colors $37.95
UNI-Floss Neon - 6 colors $9.95
UNI-Stretch - 15 colors $25.95
UNI Flexx - 12 colors $27.65
Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer Ultrafine Thread - 12 colors $27.95
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For tyers who want a color for every fly, or those fitting out a new tying bench, here's a bundle that fills the bill. Pick your type of thread, and you get one of every color that we offer in that style. Plus, you save compared to the price of individual spools! For more info on a specific type of thread, pick a thread type in the pull-down menu and the next web page will give you more details.

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Not really such a great deal

Reviewer: from Huntington, WV US

There are certain colors that I simply dont use very often and I have had for 10 years. With an "every color" set I am sure that you will end up still having some of the thread colors in 2022. The reality is we often use the same colors of thread across a wide spectrum of fly patterns. In my oppinion you are much better off buying the individual thread colors that you use most often. Always buy UNI thread over Wapsi or Danville

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My favorite tying thread

Reviewer: from Broussard, LA US

Not only is it convenient to order 20 colors at once, I get to have a wide range of colors to match with my flies, poppers and jigs. The strength is great, it takes a lot to break this thread, even when using an cheap bobbin.

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Lot of coloras and thread

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

Got the 1 of each of every color in UTC 70 and 140. Got a lot of colors to choose from to really outfit my bench to experiment with and make some unique flies. I like how flat UTC lays and is strong enough, just have to watch how easy it is to fray. All threads have their appropriate applications.

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Reviewer: from Emmaus, PA US

This product is easy to work with and I have found numerous use for it from tags to shucks to whole body's.

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