Spiderweb White Thread

by: Danville | Item#: TW-006180-0000
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Used only for extremely small midge type flies. This thread enables even the novice to make good-looking small flies. 30 denier, has been measured at a breaking strength of 4 oz. 100 yds. per spool.

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Endorsed by the Originator of the Klinkhammer Special

Reviewer: from Fredericksburg, VA

Everything reviewed earlier of how it has a very low break-strength, but disappears into the tying material is true. I've used it occasionally on size #24 - #26, when I want to test my patience. I thought it would be impractical on larger sizes. So you can imagine my surprise when Hans van Klinken, originator of the Klinkhammer Special, handed out spools of Spiderweb thread to tie the Klinkhammer Special at a class I took while at the 2015 International Fly Tying Symposium. He ties his Klinkhammer Special as large as #8 with Spiderweb thread! I broke this thread several times until I got the feel for the break-strength.

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Nice and light

Reviewer: from Little Elm, TX US

I use this thread when I have tied 18 size flies. It is strong enough but does require a light hand. I would recomend breaking it a few times to get used to its breaking point. Once I did I had no problems getting it to hold well. It dissapeared well into the colors of the fly, I was originally worried about only being able to get white. I do however find I like to change to a black 6/0 to tie the head. The spiderweb does a really good job for tying up tiny flies but would take a lot to form a head.

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Finest thread useful for tiny flies and hidden wra

Reviewer: from Southern Connecticut

This is an excellent product. You will need to decrease the tension on your fly-tying bobbin. It has a low break strength, but it is not designed for that. It is only available in white, but takes a permanent marker. The thread is useful for small flies, but I use it primarily to make hidden tie-off points, such as those at the base of a parachute wing. When used for its designated purposes, this is an excellent thread.

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Pros and cons

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

In contrast to Uni-thread 17/0, Danville's 30 denier spiderweb whip finishes much much easier! It seems to have a wax coating that makes it harder to color. It is not strong at all. If you don't have an adjustable bobbin, dedicate one to this thread because you'll probably have to lubricate the spool to bobbin contacts. It doesn't lay as flat which could be pro or con depending on what you want. Overall spiderweb provides the pros that Uni-Thread lacks and cons that Uni-Thread excels in.

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great small fly thread

Reviewer: from Clarks Summit, PA US

This is an excellent thread for small midges and tricos, but it has a very low breaking strain, so it takes a little practice to work with effectively.

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