1140 Special Wide Gape Hook

by: Daiichi | Item#: HK-051140-0000
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This Daiichi fly fishing hook has a continuous bend, up eye, 1X short shank, 1X fine wire, forged; Uses: midge, micro-caddis.

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Great midge hook

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, PA US

Was looking for a better hook for midge larvaes and pupaes than the TMC 2487 and 2488. I didn't like the curve of the 2488 and it was frustrating at times hooking and keeping fish on with the 2487's. This hook solved both issues. It has a nice natural curve and a wide gap that is off-set. This hook is really sharp and greatly increased my ratio in hooking and landing nice size trout, especially fish that are striking ever so gently in the summer months. The size 20 has been a real sucess using Coats and Clark Dual Duty plus thread for a pupae. The 22 is small hook but does simplifies figuring out if you should tie up 22's-26's. Just use the 22 and the selection is much simplier. Highly recomended for small fly fisherman.

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Midge larva lovers hook

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

I had fun this winter utilizing the Daiichi 1140 hook to tie thread midges. The easiest fly I have ever tied and one of the most productive winter flies in my neighborhood. The wide gape helps the hookset which is super important for a hook this small. The contour of the hook shank also adds a nice touch to the finished fly. Very strong for its size and super sharp!

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Superior midge hook

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

These hooks are great! These hooks address some problems with midge fishing and tying. The wide gape addresses midge hookset problems. The hook contour makes it so easy to finish the fly at the eye. These hooks take out some of the frustration of the midge both at the bench and the water.

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Best midge hooks out there!

Reviewer: from Decatur, GA US

I use these for dozens of midge patterns at all life stages. i love the extra wide gap, as it makes the strike easier to set. They are relatively easy to bead, especially if you debarb them. I plan on purchasing many more of these in the future!

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#1 Midge hook

Reviewer: from Maine

Totally agree with the other excellent reviews of this hook. There isn't a better small nymph hook out there. It's easy to tie on. It's sharp. It's very strong for it's wire size and when it sticks a fish it tends to hold onto it.

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