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Comparaduns, Wet Dubbing & Old Men Who Don’t Understand Trailing Shucks

Guest Blogger: Brandon Sausner

Brandon's Dad

Brandon’s Dad

My father is a lifelong fly fisherman who melds fly names into general categories, built his retirement home on a big cast dry fly stream and tends to favor fluffy Catskill style dry flies. I know he has about 10 fly boxes – mostly dries, some nymphs, and his only streamer being a Hornberg; which isn’t even a streamer. I tie him flies by the pile and as of two years ago I achieved “better than a fly shop” status, and on the patterns he prefers I’m pretty close. Once the fish start rising he fishes 5-7 days a week and places almost nothing over the call of top water action.

When he turned 70 my nine siblings decided to plan a birthday party for him with people flying in from both coasts. It was my job to call and get him to the party. I had to cajole him to forego potential rising trout and only when I lied and said people had already paid for flights did he 100% commit to coming to the party. All that nonsense aside, he’s the best fishing partner in the world. He never says he can’t go and he owns a great Clackacraft that pulls with a 4 cylinder. more…