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Fly of the Month – April 2017 – Lightning Bug Soft Hackle

FOM april 2017 lightningbugsofthackle squareGuest Blogger & Fly Tyer: Justin Bowman, J Stockard customer & avid fly tyer

My soft hackle lightning bug is a variation of the popular Western mayfly imitation, the lightning bug, an attractor pattern that is seriously flashy and typically tied from sizes 12 to 18. This is a great fly for high or dirty water conditions. This variation substitutes the traditional peacock thorax with FrankenFly nymph dub and a two material soft hackle collar from the original hackle or pheasant tail legs. The idea for the sparkle brush collar came from the thought, “why not add more flash to an already flashy fly?” The sparkle brush fibers (depending on the color) are thin enough to allow a fair amount of movement. Popular colors for the lightning bug are pearl, silver, gold, red, and purple. more…