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The Bluegill’s Unknown Legacy

bluegill1Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

Today’s fly lines are varied and sophisticated, crafted for all types of fishing situations. Such was not the case in the late 1970s early 1980s.

It’s probably unknown by most fly anglers, as it was by me until I heard the story, that the Bluegill had a little bit to do with helping create some of the lines we fish today. more…

Put a “Zing!” in Your Cast

Zing 1Guest blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

We were fishing a deep pool together on the Firehole at dawn on an early June morning. I was but 15 feet upstream from Bruce Richards and in the quiet of dawn I could hear the ”Zing” through his guides as he threw a large streamer across the pool.
There was a “Zing” in my casts as well. We were both fishing Scientific Anglers textured fly lines. His was a floating “Sharkwave”, mine a “Mastery Textured Streamer Express.”  As we drove into Yellowstone early that June morning, Bruce, the former fly line designer for SA for over 33 years, now retired in Bozeman talked about textured fly lines. more…

Your First Fy Rod: Don’t Ask Me

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

While on a recent business trip to Denver, one of the individuals I was working with had decided to take up fly fishing. One of his co-workers was an avid fly angler and had taken him fly fishing on local Colorado waters a few times. The guy had finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a fly rod. And of course, along with it, a reel and line. He had gotten all sorts of advice from his co-worker and used some of his co-worker’s gear on the trips they made together. But my reputation as a fly angler was well known by the group I was working with so I got put on the spot–what would I recommend?  After off and on questions and discussion during the business day and more focused discussions over dinner, I came to the realization that I really wasn’t qualified or prepared to make the kind of recommendations this guy was looking for. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what I was talking about, it was despite all my informed questions that I really didn’t know what this guy needed for his first fly rod. The consequences of such lack of insight could result, from whatever my recommendations were, driving him out of fly fishing because his first fly rod sucked (in his opinion). more…